The RFID Alert System, or RAS for short, is a simple and cheap solution to the increasingly dangerous problem of identity theft. Unknowingly, we carry some of our most important and private information in our pockets. When we lose our wallets or cell phones in restaurants, stores, or on the street, whether due to forgetfulness or theft, the potential damage is far greater than lost hardware. Our social security numbers, credit card data, banking information, and more all become vulnerable, putting ourselves and our families at significant financial risk. Services exist that can help you void a credit card or track a lost phone, but these are not true solutions; they merely create more of a headache for users without even guaranteeing the safety of their lost property and information. As our lives turn digital and our information is so easy to steal, we need more stringent physical measures to keep us secure.

The answer is RAS, a product which is unique because it stops you from losing things before any kind of damage can be done.